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Radon Transform Speaker Recognition System

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Requirements: Matlab, Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox.

We have developed an efficient feature extraction technique for speaker recognition using Radon transform (RT) and PCA. The spectrogram is compact, efficient in representation and carries information about acoustic features in the form of pattern. In the proposed method, speaker specific features have been extracted by applying image processing techniques to the pattern available in the spectrogram. Radon transform has been used to derive the effective acoustic features from the speech spectrogram. Radon transform adds up the pixel values in the given image along a straight line in a particular direction and at a specific displacement. The proposed technique computes Radon projections for seven orientations and captures the acoustic characteristics of the spectrogram. PCA applied on Radon projections yields low dimensional feature vector. The technique is computationally efficient, text-independent, robust to session variations and insensitive to additive noise.

Index Terms: Matlab, source, code, speaker, recognition, text, independent, verification, radon, transform.

Release 1.0 Date 2013.01.27
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