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RASTA-PLP Speaker Identification

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Requirements: Matlab, Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox.

The Perceptual Linear Predicative (PLP) speech analysis technique is based on the short-term spectrum of speech. Even though the short-term spectrum of speech is subsequently modified by several psychophysically based spectral transformations, the PLP technique (just like most other short-term spectrum based techniques), is vulnerable when the short-term spectral values are modified by the frequency response of the communication channel. Human speech perception seems to be less sensitive to such steady-state spectral factors. We have implemented the RelAtive SpecTrAl (RASTA) methodology which makes PLP (and possibly also some other short-term spectrum based techniques) more robust to linear spectral distortions. Experimental results using telephone-quality isolated digits and hgh-quality continuous speech show significant improvements in error rate.

Index Terms: Matlab, source, code, RASTA, PLP, Relative Spectral Methodology, speaker recognition, speaker matching, speaker verification, speech analysis.

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